What is Present Therapy LLC?

Conceirge Therapy

The aim of Present Therapy is to help you become more present to take on the daily struggles of life. This practice aims to help those who want to increase their performance in life. We cater to those with major mental health conditions or those just seeking to enhance their overall wellbeing in life. We aim to help you develop understanding, process traumas and stressors, all in a safe and comfortable environment. Emotional support animals can be provided upon request with advanced notice. We are aware of the need to feel safe and secure as you begin your therapy journey with us. Your favorite snacks and beverages are always stocked at the practice. If you like to pace or swing on a swing during your sessions, please feel free to do so. Your process is your process, and we aim to assist you in developing your own unique process with the use of the evidence-based therapy skills we help you build. All skills are customized to your needs and beliefs. We go at your pace. You are in control of your treatment, but we guide and support your process so you can reach your goals. Unlimited texting with your counselor is available through a HIPAA compliant app for an additional fee. Your counselor is available to help you in person: at doctors appointments, or to help you adapt and apply skills in social situations, providing in the moment coaching for an addition fee. Your counselor is able to provide counseling at your home or perferred location for an addition fee and mileage reimbursement, after your initial intake assessment session is completed.


Who is the "we"?

The "We" Is...

Jenna Montalbano

Licensed Associate Counselor of Mental Health, she is specialized as a certified trauma professional, certified children and youth mental health specialist, certified drug and alcohol counselor, and certified integrative medicine mental health professional. Her skill specializations include mindfulness, somatic experiencing, DBT, CBT, EMDR, EFT, and many more.

Reshma Singh

Family Nurse Practitioner, specializing in addiction medication and mental health. She has a decade of experience and the bedside manner of an angel.

Bethanie Hakes

Advanced Trained Psychotherapist, holding two masters degrees. She specializes in substance use, depression, anxiety, ADHD, ASD, and PTSD. 

The Present Therapy Board

Includes medical professionals, nutritionists, attorrneys and other mental health clinicians she consults with to provide you with the best possible care to enhance your mental wellness. Members of the Board are named in the intake documents you will receive.

We understand that financial crisis can sometimes occur. The board meets twice a month to review financial cases, to approve a fee reductions on a case by case basis for 1 month to 3 month periods.


On our Clinician Portfolios Page we have more information on the practice team and other clinicians we recommend.

About Concierge Therapy

Present Therapy is now located at 1601 Milltown Rd., Suite 13, Pike Creek, Delaware, 19808. We operate virtually in New Jersey and soon New York. During in-person sessions we provide emotional support animals upon request, as well as tactile stimulation matierials when requested. All patients have their favorite snacks and beverages stored for them at the practice- this enables us to share food in ways that either enhance a person's cultural experience, or enable us to teach and practice mindful eating to help individuals develop healthy, balanced relationships with food. More information about conceirge therapy can be found throughout the website. Enjoy!

The Mission

This website aims to provide information about different evidence-based therapy strategies that we provide at the practice, information about other best practices in counseling, and local resources.

This website intends to collect information about different treatment options and post resources as we receive them. We want to help you find what you need, even if it isn't us.

To contribute resources please go to the contact us page and submit the company, organization or therapists website and information. 


Visit the Help is Here DE Site for additional mental health and addiction resources.
At NAMI you will find education, support, virtual programs, informational videos, helplines, resources, housing and advocacy options for mental health issues.
Bringing awareness and action to Delaware and actively trying to address the serious human trafficking issues that happen daily.

You can also visit the National Human Trafficking Hotline to live chat, call 888-373-7888 (TTY: 711) or text 233733 for additional help and assistance.
DCADV is a statewide, nonprofit coalition of agencies and individuals working to stop domestic violence in Delaware.
Delaware Center for Mindfulness (DCFM) provides mindful-based programs that are designed to assist people with managing stress, pain and general mental health and wellness.