Heal Yourself: Integrative Self-Healing Therapy Program

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*Session times vary depending on the skill: 30-90 minutes* 
There are only three possible 90 minute sessions Module 1, Module 4 and Module 9. 
Most others will be between 30 minutes and an hour 
Session 1 of every week is psychoeducation and skill building, Session 2 is processing

Heal Yourself: An Integrative Self-Healing Therapy Program is a copyrighted program developed by Licensed Associate Counselor of Mental Health Jenna Montalbano. This program is the first of its kind to combine the most effective evidence-based therapy strategies with the hopes of enhancing patient outcomes and decreasing symptoms for multiple disorders. This therapeutic program is an opportunity for individuals with undesired/unskilled thoughts, emotions or behaviors to develop the skills and insight to promote self-healing and positive growth. 

Some of the primary evidence-based approaches used are: DBT, CBT,CPT, EFT and Somatic Experiencing informed approaches.

DBT(Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) focuses on skills to help with urges, impulses and unskilled thoughts. DBT is highly effective for individuals with BPD, impulse control, self-harm, behavioral addiction and substance use disorders. It was initially created for and proven to be highly effective in reducing suicidal ideations and behaviors. DBT can also help improve communication skills. CBT(Cognitive Behavior Therapy) helps individuals with cognitive restructuring, disrupting negative or unwanted thought patterns, or beliefs, and enabling the individual to develop new healthier patterns of thought. CBT techniques are favored by most clinicians as they are effective in treating almost every diagnosis, so long as the individual is able to have awareness of their thoughts. CBT is especially beneficial for individuals with addictive tendencies, depression and anxiety disorders. CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy) evidence-based approach to decreasing symptoms of PTSD, treating trauma and processing emotions. Mindfulness is an effective evidence-based approach which is proven to help with self-control, objectivity, affect tolerance, enhanced flexibility, equanimity, improved concentration, mental clarity, and emotional intelligence. It helps individuals better relate to others and themselves with loving-kindness, acceptance and compassion. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an evidence-based practice effective for anxiety, depression, phobias, and PTSD. Somatic Experiencing Therapy guides patients in focusing on their underlying physical sensations, and building the mind-body connection. This includes breath work, meditation, visualization, grounding, movement and sensation awareness. Biofeedback therapy gives individuals control over their body processes teaching them to control bodily processes that are usually involuntary like blood pressure, heartrate and muscle tension. 


This is an 18 week intensive therapy program is now being offered in VIRTUAL group format.


There is a wait list for individual sessions for this program. Please e-mail to be placed on the waitlist.


The Adult Virtual Group Therapy Program is full and in progress. The next launch date is February.


Virtual groups meet twice a week.

The first session of the week will provide psychoeducation and skill training (30min-1.5 hrs)

The second session of the week will provide skill review and processing(30min-1hr)

This group is homework intensive and will require between 5-10min of homework daily.



If you are interested in being placed on the waitlist for the private 18 week program please e-mail and inquire.




ADOLESCENT/TEEN Program: $100 per week

ADULT PROGRAM: $150 per week

FAMILY PROGRAM: $200 per week up to 3 family members ($50 per each additional family member)


Scholarships are available.

E-mail: JEM@Present-Therapy.com for more information or call 302-827-7280


Heal Yourself: Session Description By Week

1: Safety Planning, Wise Mind, Healthy Boundaries, Linehan’s Dysregulation Theory

  • During these sessions you will create an emotional safety plan, develop an understanding of developing a wise mind, learn about the basics of Linehan’s Theory of Emotion Dysregulation and discuss healthy boundaries. You will start practicing boundary setting and applying pre-established healthy coping skills.

2: Opposite Action (OA)

  • During these sessions you will explore opposite action and how it can be applied and establish a routine of applying opposite action when necessary for daily practice. 

3: Cold Water

  • During these sessions you will learn about the mammalian dive reflex, polyvagal theory, the fight, flight, freeze and fawn reflexes and perform the cold water exercise.

4: Mindfulness Beginners Practice and SUDS

  • During these sessions you will learn the basic principles of mindfulness, do a shortened practice and start to create a Subjective Units of Distress Scale to more effectively learn to measure stress levels in your body and mind.

5: Mindful A-B-C

  • During these sessions you will learn about varying cognitive distortions, unskilled beliefs/ thoughts that keep you stuck in life or in repetitive thoughts or behavior patterns and start the cognitive restructuring process.

6: Breathing with Purpose

  • During these sessions you will learn several evidence-based breathing techniques.

7: Distraction

  • During these sessions we will explore the difference between healthy and unhealthy distractions and how and when to apply them in a way that does not harm intimacy with oneself or with others.

8: Mindfulness of Emotion

  • During these sessions you will start exploring emotions in the body and thought patterns attached to certain emotions. You will explore through somatic experiencing, titration and creating mind and body trust in regulating emotions and being present for what shows up. 

9: Mindfulness of the Body

  • During these sessions you will begin to explore the body with several evidence-based effective body exploration exercises to start to build awareness of where the body may store stress, emotions, trauma and learn to work in regulating and accepting the body.

10: Mindful Awareness of Unskillful Thoughts

  • During these sessions you will learn more and begin assessing cognitive distortions, unskilled thoughts/beliefs/behaviors, to further build on cognitive restructuring and decreasing stressful/repetitive thoughts/beliefs/behaviors.

11: D.E.A.R.M.A.N.

  • During these sessions you will learn and practice a communication skill with others.

12: Mindfully Challenging Unskillful Thoughts

  • During these sessions you will learn how to build better awareness of and challenge unskillful thoughts.

13: G.I.V.E. and F.A.S.T.

  • During these sessions you will learn more communication skills that will help with establishing intimacy within relationships and help create self-respect for your beliefs.

14: Mindful Solutions

  • During these sessions you will learn to fully integrate, explore and affirm the cognitive restructuring of thought patterns through repetition and practice of combined therapeutic exercises.

15: Problem Solving and Narrative Exploration

  • During these sessions you will learn how to explore stressors and situations and effectively address and create a plan without the need to over-think, over-analyze or over-worry. This is a simple way to integrate healthy boundaries around worry time and effectively problem solve.

16: Radical Acceptance

  • During these sessions you will learn about radical acceptance, when to apply it and the life-long journey that it is. 

17: Construction of Self Healing and Skills Review

  • During these sessions we discuss building a life of purpose and review skills established throughout the program

18: Closure

  • During these sessions we will continue with some light skill review, creating closure and establishing a plan for continued practice.

Some Of The Therapies and Theories Integrated Throughout The Program

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