Jenna Montalbano, MS, LACMH, CYMHS, CTP, ICADC Delaware and New Jersey

Jenna Montalbano is the owner of Delaware Present Therapy. She is a Licensed Associate Counselor of Mental Health in both Delaware and New Jersey. She holds a Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is a Certified Trauma Professional, Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Certified Youth Mental Health Specialist, and the creator of the Heal Yourself: Integrative Self-Healing Therapy Program. The first program of its kind to integrate effective evidence-based practices for development of skilled thoughts, emotions and behaviors in a trauma-informed manner. She has a podcast that affords individuals (that are not her patients) an opportunity to share how they recover from different mental health conditions, while remaining anonymous. She currently works under the supervision of Kapil Nayar, LPC. She provides virtual and in-person therapy services to individuals willing to travel to Delaware for their virtual sessions. In person sessions are currently only done in Northern Delaware. She has been counseling individuals since 2015.

Concierge Therapy Practice Benefits:
 Emotional Support Animals are provided upon request for therapy sessions.
Patient's favorite food and drinks are kept stocked for mindful eating, cultural sensitivity and therapeutic rapport building.
Creative art may be done during session upon request.
Conceirge therapy texting for in-the-moment strategies.

The Office of Delaware Present Therapy

Medication appointments are available. 
Please email or call me to inquire.  or 302-827-7280

Megan Ebright, NP
Delaware and Pennsylvania

I've been A nurse for 14 years. I have worked with all ages. I have a background in mental and behavioral health. As a nurse practitioner I have worked in an urgent care and a primary care setting.

There is nothing that satisfies me more than making a patient feel heard and understood. I am willing to adapt treatment to the needs of my clients, and help them reach their mental health goals and achieve stability.

I am married and have three amazing girls, and wee are expecting our fourth in August, which is a boy. We are so excited! 

My hobbies include watching movies and going out to eat. I also love to read and do puzzles, and who doesnt love a good board game?!? 

I am a cat person and we currently have one cat but I've had many throughout my life. 

Bethanie Hakes

I hold two Masters Degrees one in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and the other in Art Therapy. I believe you hold the power to heal within yourself and you are the expert of your own experience. My intention is to provide a creative, compassionate, culturally sensitive, and trauma informed environment that fosters expression and exploration of self. I have experience working with substance use, depression, anxiety, ADHD, ASD, and other life experiences. I have an eclectic approach to therapy that includes motivational interviewing, cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness-based techniques, and art therapy.

Art therapy provides an opportunity to connect with your own inner wisdom and develop skills for communication, emotional regulation, and self-discovery. Creating is a natural process and anyone can participate in art making. There are no previous skills or experience necessary!

It is possible to turn your struggles into strength. I believe therapy is a collaborative effort and allows you to be an active participant in your own healing. Clients have described me as having a calm, grounding presence that makes them feel safe and comforted while allowing for deep transformation to take place.

Susan Cruz
Delaware and New Jersey

I hail from New Jersey where I earned my Bachelors in Social Work from Stockton University. I went on to receive my Masters in Social Work from Temple University in 1999. I have been working with children, adolescents and adults throughout my entire career. I have extensive experience in child and adolescent trauma, anxiety, self-image and stress reduction. I enjoy empowering individuals towards growth whether that be in their careers, or relationships. I spent many years working in the school setting, including elementary, middle, high school and college. When I am not working, you can find me hanging outside hiking, biking and doing anything outdoorsy. I am an avid pet lover and have 2 pups of my own! I have a large family, family to me is always a top priority. I understand the value of family, and customs, but futher understand and advocate for self-care in order to care-take for others. I have a passion for guiding individuals and empowering them with evidence-based skills to reach their goal. Whether a client is 7 or 70, each individuals has an idea, a goal, that can be reached. As an individual with over 20 years experience, I am confident in my abilities to customize skills, and help clients reach their goals in a way that honors their beliefs and their cultural experiences.

 Below is a list of associates of the practice currently accepting new clients.

Kapil Nayar, LPC
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Arizona

Specialized in ethical conduct and reporting, marriage and family therapy and substance use disorder treatment. 

He attended 3 years of medical school, but left to pursue his passion in mental health. He holds a Master's degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology, along with Master's certificate in Psychopharmacology, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and an Accredited Clinical Supervisor.

He is a professor at a major university, and Jenna Montalbano is proud to have him as a mentor and a supervisor.

"It is my belief that brain function is clinically relevant when discussing mental health, and am prepared to discuss hypotheses about the biological aspects of mental illness. Along with this, am prepared to use a variety of methods and styles in therapy. I tend to think therapy in parallel with a tailor, with a focus on the client and individually tailor different treatment modalities to fit their need. I have extensive experience with mental health disorders, addiction, and dual diagnosis/co-occuring.

A compassion infused individualized integrative approach to an individuals composite wellness: balancing one's mind, body, and soul.

As an accredited supervisor I will do everything in my power to maintain my licensure and certifications, modeling behaviors and ideologies that serve the foundation of this practice. In doing so, I will do everything to establish a relationship founded in trust and open communication."

Markella Louros, LCSW
New York

"One of the most courageous things we can do is to begin to understand our own story. What often precedes healing, however, is profound confusion and discomfort which deters us from delving deeper within. The process of growth is often accompanied by fear of the unknown and thus, can appear a daunting task. But you are not alone. My goal is to walk alongside you as you come to know yourself and navigate the path to a happier, healthier life. More importantly, what are your goals? What makes you feel safe? Therapy strengthens our insight by compassionately confronting us with the questions we have never dared to ask ourselves before.

Applying empowerment and self- determination, I engage and motivate my clients to tap into their own resilience and inner-strength. I incorporate evidence-based practice techniques from modalities of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in my practice in order to address your individual needs.

If you are looking to conquer the obstacles that stand in the way of the fulfilling and meaningful life that you deserve, I encourage you to seek support outside of yourself. Together, we can embark on the journey to serenity, self-discovery and personal growth that awaits you."